Fragrance Diffuser Spray


Fragrance concentrate spray to be sprayed on our ceramic perfume diffusers,
Glass bottle with silver cap,
Holding capacity : 5 ml 

Nature du Lin: A light perfume base on delicate iris flowers, carrot , and musc. A combination that confer a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.
Black Amber: The fragrance Black Amber is a delicate scent that takes you on an olfactory journey. Discover the exceptional scents of orange, encens, amber, and balsamic.

An enveloping fragrance is present throughout the house with just 3 sprays, use with our ceramic diffusers to enhance your space with a delicate sensation. A ritual of well-being!

Helpful hints:
- Renew the sprays every 3 days
- At a rate of 3 " pschitt " every 3 days, the bottle will be last for about a month

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